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  • Fether: application for enabling frictionless testing relationships between your frontend and your smart contracts.

    • Fether ecosystem and tools are meant to remove friction from the lifecycle of smart contract and dapp development. The goal is to enable developers to focus on building their dapp without wasting time on recurring technicalities (ie. testnet deployments and address/abi updates).
    • fether.xyz: dashboard provided for interacting with your test deployments, redeploying contracts, and tracking fether rpc calls.
    • fetherkit: typesafe npm module to provide always up to date abi and contract address for frontend developer without code changes via react context.
    • fether rpc: ethereum rpc provider that allows for connecting to the fether network based upon api keys to automatically forward requests to your most recent contract instance

dm me on twitter for an alpha access key


  • Americana: platform for converting rwa into nfts.

    • transaction indexing (typescript)
    • smart contract development (solidity + foundry)
    • fullstack dapp development (remix.run)
  • Fudders: generative NFT project with a focus on novel website mechanics.

    • dynamic minting mechanism involving playing an embedded unity game
    • hosted on custom bare ubuntu server (not for any good reason, i just literally didnt know vercel existed when building this. getting it hosted taught me a lot though).

This website is inspired by t11s' and gakonst's personal websites